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Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter - Colossal Series, with reliable, regulated and stabilized Pure Sine Wave Output, is a complete power generation system that is suitable for all types of commercial establishments and is capable of running everything from Lights to Air Conditioners to Lifts and Elevators, in the most cost effective manner. Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter supplies pure power and is 100% safe to run most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office equipment without the irritating humming sound. It has already established itself as a most reliable option to generators in the following industries/ segments

  • Banks/ ATM's
  • BPOs / Call centers
  • Data Centers
  • Deep Freezers
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Industrial Drives & Motors
  • Laboratories
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Clubs, Pubs and Discotheques
  • Schools / Educational Institutions
  • Super Markets / Shopping Malls
  • Telecom Towers
  • Textile Industry


The latest Technology for Heavy Duty Usage

Ideal for all types of commercial establishments, Su-Kam's Colossal Series - DSP Sine Wave Inverter - is a complete power generation system that runs all your expensive and sensitive office/ industrial equipment in the most cost effective manner.

100 % Pure, Reliable and Regulated Power

Su-Kam Heavy-Duty Inverter - Colossal Series produces Pure Sine Wave- Clean Power. Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the world most advanced technology (meant for high-speed data processing), in conjunction with Sine Wave Technology delivers output which is completely stable and distortion free (Total Harmonic Distortion 3%). This power is actually purer than power supplied from the grid. This makes it absolutely safe to run even the most sensitive equipment.


Today, offices and other commercial establishments use some of the most expensive and sophisticated electronic equipment. These new generations equipment has advanced circuitry which needs 100% pure power, free of spikes and surges.

The importance of pure power is very apparent to anyone who has faced malfunctioning of sophisticated electronic equipment. Some examples of when equipment needs pure sine wave power are :
  • Performance of power tools that employ solid state circuitry to operate variable speed control
  • Devices that use a microprocessor to control motor speed or control voltage output to power the device.
  • Medical devices and equipment needed for critical operations.
  • Laboratory apparatus where preciseness is of utmost importance
  • Fluorescent and ballast operated lighting.

Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter - Colossal Series, available as standard as well as customized solutions from 5 KVA to 100 KVA, are ideal for all types of commercial establishments like Offices, Showrooms, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Labs, Petrol Pumps, Banks, Telecom Towers, ATMs and BPOs etc., and are capable of running everything from Lights to Air Conditioners to Lifts and Elevators.


Unlike a generator, Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter - Colossal Series runs on batteries therefore, is completely Non- Polluting - No fumes, No noise, and can be comfortably placed in any working environment


Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter - Colossal Series automatically switches on to ,the battery mode during a power cut thereby save you the hassle of manually starting the system. Therefore, there is No Time Gap (Start up delay) between power cut and resumption of back-up power. Also, it does not need inflammable fuel to be stored, restocked and poured.


Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverters - Colossal Series produces power- as per the running load i.e. it draws only the required amount of power from the battery, thereby has low running cost. Also, lower load means higher back up & hence higher durability of Battery. While, in a generator running cost i.e. fuel consumption with smaller load or higher load remains almost same, hence is more expensive.


Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverters - Colossal Series can be connected to any three phase supply (single phase units also available). Also, with no vibrations, low footprint and dimensions these inverters can be easily installed anywhere ...on any floor. ( Subject to Battery capacity to be installed)


Since an inverter has no moving parts (it is based on digital technology), it involves almost zero maintenance. A generator on the other hand is based on internal combustion technology, and requires regular maintenance.


The technology used and the choice of high performance components mean that Su-Kam DSP Sine wave Inverter - Colossal Series can obtain exceptional performance and efficiency levels, from very low footprint and dimensions.


Traditionally, when a mains supply is present the inverter charges its batteries. Battery power is used by the inverter, when the input supply fails. Efficient battery management and care is therefore essential to the overall performance of the inverter in an emergency. Su-Kam DSP Sine wave Inverter – Colossal Series consists of a range of features designed to optimize battery performance and enhance battery life

  • Compatible with different battery technologies like VRLA (Sealed Maintenance Free) and Flooded Lead Acid
  • Fuzzy Logic Control Battery Charging- i.e. charging current regulated according to the battery voltage to increase battery life
  • Deep discharge battery protection to reduce overall battery aging
  • Battery pole reversal protection
  • Display of battery load level on LCD panel


Su-Kam DSP Sine wave Inverter – Colossal Series incorporates Soft Start Technology, which does not allow high startup currents from large inductive loads to shut down the inverter. Soft Start improves inverter operation. Major Soft Start features are:


Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter - Colossal Series has a unique advantage of being compatible with your exiting generator i.e. it can charge batteries from grid (Mains) power as well as power produced by generators. Also, this inverter can be integrated with solar power to charge the batteries by using external solar charge controller.


The Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter – Colossal Series have an RS-232 Interface for the Power Manager. This user-friendly Communication Software controls and monitors inverter performance and programs inverter commands. An easy- touse software, it is based on the RS 232 world standard for interfacing Digital Signal Processor with computers. The Power Manager allows you to programme all the commands to be performed by it automatically. This software is very useful for communication systems including Satellite Systems, Air Traffic Control Systems, Internet Nodes, Bank ATM and any other application requiring maximum reliability and availability of high quality power such as computer labs, offices, biomedical instruments, telecommunication systems and industrial establishments. It ensures maximum safety for high-risk applications. Once the inverter is installed, the user need not worry about interruption, low battery level or any other damage, which would have occurred otherwise. A licensed copy of the software need to be installed and run on the PC connected to the power system through which it starts processing the data.

  • Constantly informs user of the status of the inverter, whether locally or by sending messages to users connected to the network. Normally, the message contains information about output under voltage, output over voltage, battery voltage low or battery voltage high, if selected.
  • Logs on important data containing input voltage, input frequency, output voltage, output frequency; output VA and battery voltage continuously to enable the user to check the performance at any time. Data logging enables the user to check the performance of inverter apart from knowing the status of the battery.
  • Provides a standard control and monitoring capability, as it uses the TCP/IP communication protocol. It supports all operating systems such as Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP and NT. It also works fine on various Linux versions as Redhat, Debian, Slackware, Mandrake etc. It also provides the user with the added functionality of connecting himself to the internet systems situated in different locations by using either a dedicated network (intranet) or the Internet.

  • Graphical Monitoring of the Inverter status: Easy to use powerful tool that allows monitoring and controlling the Inverters. Input Voltage, Input Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Battery Status, Load Status, and Overload Status can be automatically monitored by it.
  • Detailed Display of all Data: Provides on screen, all the data required to make an accurate and speedy diagnosis of the Inverter operations.
  • Alarm Notification via e-mail and SMS: Can be configured to automatically notify an alarm via an e-mail or SMS message. In case of emergency conditions like Overload, High Battery Voltage etc. to 4 users.
  • Programming of Commands: The commands normally carried out by the users are programmable so that these are performed automatically e.g. shutting down and switching on the systems.
  • Option of Multiple User format available.

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