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Luminous UPS Dealer in Mumbai

Sycom Power Protection Pvt. Ltd is having worldwide exposure as distributor of UPS System, Uninterruptible Power Supply and Luminous UPS System as well as Luminous UPS supplier and dealer in Mumbai.

Luminous UPS has long been known for the supreme features that are designed and produced to give outstanding power reinforcement alternative to zones with constant power cuts. By selecting battery from Luminous, you will as well have the ability to reduce your expensive electricity bill. Indeed, Sycom Power endows solution and innovation in energy for eco-friendly homeowner or office head through Luminous UPS supply in Mumbai, Thane and India.

Luminous UPS system

There is assumption that ups can’t run a complete house but Sycom offer solution with Luminous UPS. You get a power back-up solution with Luminous UPS that can literally run everything! Also, an ideal power backup system if you’re running a business like a restaurant, a clinic, an office or even a petrol pump that runs sensitive equipment’s or heavy load mechanism, since it delivers supreme quality and dependable power back-up.

Our Luminous UPS in Thane, Maharashtra is offered with high capacity UPS with features that comprise of MCB protection ,load and battery level display in percentage, 7-segment digital display and quicker charging capability.

we trade into international brands of batteries