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Precision Industrial AC system

Sycom Power Protection Pvt. Ltd is having worldwide exposure as distributor, dealer and supplier of precision cooling industrial AC system, precision cooling system, precision cooling system supplies and precision cooling in control rooms.

We offer solution for a precision cooling in Mumbai and India which supports in controlling and manage air flow for indoor IT devices and equipments. Further, a precision cooling system can be functioned through software and programmatic access. Precision cooling allows IT managers to effectively manage the temperature, humidity and air flow in a highly IT environment. Along with environmental and device cooling, precision cooling also helps in eliminating internal heat produced from computers and equipment.

Precision Industrial AC system

A precision cooling system in Mumbai outlets all the heat to uphold a balanced, sensible heat ratio, such as dynamically adjusted cooling with regard to the heat in or temperature of the device/environment.

Cooling units can be fitted in a modular rack design that permits quick configuration and is easily expandable by load. Data center cooling by water is secure for the equipment as it guards with built-in leakage detectors, which can show leaks and provide alarms in a timely manner.

With manual de-humidification ability, Sycom’s data center cooling system endows with a rapid and defined means of adjusting the level of moisture within the air, and maintaining humidity levels within the perfect range needed by the data center equipment.

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